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Position:  Fundraising and Resource Mobilization Co-ordinator.

Reporting To: The Executive Director

Work Station: Nairobi (with field visits)

Start Date: Immediate

Womankind Kenya (WOKIKE) is a National NGO with community based development initiatives targeting pastoral population in Kenya. Our head office is located in Garissa County; liaison office in Nairobi and several field offices. The organization targets women and children, the most vulnerable members of the society; it addressed issues of education, improved sustainable livelihoods, water and sanitation, health, Human rights and advocacy, women’s empowerment; civic education, emergency / disaster interventions. WOKIKE works with the pastoral communities at large for improved well-being of the population

Womankind Kenya supports community initiatives through (i) capacity building demand side for effective advocacy; (ii) inclusion of beneficiary population in planning and monitoring of community projects to ensure quality; (iii) Service delivery through model community infrastructures.

Positions Key role

To assist the organisation with developing and implementing its fundraising strategy, goals and plans by: developing and implementing a strategic donor development plan, working with the Management Team to plan fundraising events strategy; implementing the strategy and contributing to the development of other fundraising initiatives.


How to Apply

Please supply a covering letter and a copy of your curriculum vitae outlining your qualifications and experience and providing two referees, this must reach us at careers@womankindkenya.org or PO Box14682 - 00800 Nairobi, Kenya, by

5 pm, Monday 4th August 2017.

Job Description –Fundraising and Resource Mobilization Coordinator

  1. Objectives of the Role:

To assist the organization with developing and implementing its fundraising strategy, goals and plans by contributing to, carrying out, and enhancing the fundraising functions as outlined below.


  1. Reporting

The Fundraising and Resource Mobilization Coordinator reports to the Executive Director. She / he will produce a monthly written report to the Executive Director for inclusion in the monthly briefs. She / he will meet fortnightly with the Executive Director to report on progress and achievements and to receive guidance and support.

Key Tasks

  1. Strategy and Planning


  1. Work with the Management Team to develop annual fundraising plans that meet the required financial targets identified by the annual budgeting process.


  1. Implement the annual fundraising plan as required to ensure objectives and financial targets are met.
  1. Contribute to growing the organization’s capacity to meet its long-term fundraising goals by seeking and developing expertise in identified fundraising areas / activities.
  1. Donor Development
  1. Develop and implement a strategic donor development plan.
  1. Coordinate the operation and on-going development of a donor database, including donor acquisition, segmentation, and key donor strategies.
  1. Coordinate donor communication processes including direct mail and development of a regular giving Programme.
  1. Develop and carry out strategies to enhance donor relations and thereby maximize donor potential.
  1. Lead in the development of concepts, proposals, appeals, RFAs among others.
  1. Special events (including fundraising events, appeals, friend-raising events etc)
  1. Work with the Management Team to plan an annual and medium term fundraising events strategy to attract new supporters and maintain current supporters.
  1. Coordinate planning and implementation of events, according to strategy and agreed plan and within budget.
  1. Coordinate the logistic, administrative, financial, and human resources (including volunteers) functions related to events.
  1. Coordinate a detailed and comprehensive logistics schedule to ensure that the event runs smoothly for all participants, guests and sponsors.


Person Specifications and Qualifications:

  1. Holds a Bachelor Degree in areas of Development Studies, Communications, Law, Public Policy, Sociology and other related specialization
  2. Five (5) years experience in the NGO sector
  3. Experience in fund-raising and grant management
  4. Reliable, proactive, internally motivated, conscientious;
  5. Excellent verbal and written communication skills and strong interpersonal skills;
  6. Motivated by social values and able to grasp the fundamental principles of Human rights;
  7. Ability to work under pressure and to meet deadlines;
  8. Experience in administration systems, computer skills (including computer databases). Able to produce professional high standard documents using MS office, and have budgeting, financial and statistical reporting skills;
  9. Excellent organizational and Management skills;
  10. Innovative and creative and can recommend to management improvements to systems and procedures and practices.